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4 Health Benefits of Probiotics

December 7, 2023

Many people face gut irregularities and annoying symptoms every day. An unhealthy gut can lead to more serious conditions and take away from your quality of life. While eating probiotic foods such as kimchi and yogurt is a great way to start healing your gut, a probiotic supplement can provide potent, targeted amounts of healthy bacteria to help balance your gut microflora and give you some relief. So what exactly are the health benefits of taking probiotics? Keep reading to find out!

1. Probiotics improve the gut barrier.

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The G.I. tract is responsible for digestion and when the walls are damaged, it can allow unwanted particles through, resulting in what’s commonly referred to as a “leaky gut”. Things like poor diet and stress can affect your gut’s integrity, and probiotics are key to strengthening the mucus lining so it can perform its function of keeping out toxins.

2. Probiotics restore microbial balance.

For example, when you take an antibiotic, it can destroy the good bacteria along with the bad, which results in a disturbance in the gut’s microbial balance. Taking a probiotic helps to restore healthy bacteria and ensure there isn’t enough room for harmful viruses and other bacteria to grow.

3. Probiotics suppress symptoms of digestive conditions.

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Men and women with chronic conditions such as IBS may want to consider the health benefits of probiotics and incorporate daily supplements into their lives. It can be effective in reducing gas, bloating, diarrhea, and constipation as well as supporting regular bowel movements.

4. Probiotics increase immunity.

A health benefit of probiotics that goes hand in hand with improved digestion is a strengthened immune system. If you’re curious about how to boost the immune system, then start taking a probiotic! A majority of your immune system’s cells are found in the gut, so it makes sense that a happy gut equals a high-functioning immune system.

Probiotic Supplements from Sango Pharmacy

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Our daily probiotic supplement for adults provides 30 billion CFUs per capsule and contains 4 strains that have been studied and tested for optimal benefits. These capsules are vegeterian, dairy, and gluten-free and are sealed in blister packs to prevent exposure to moisture and heat. Additionally, they are gastro-resistant, meaning that they have been designed to withstand exposure to harsh stomach acids and ensure the active ingredients are absorbed.

What about kids? Do they need to take a probiotic? Just like adults, there are certainly health benefits of probiotics for young people. For children, we can recommend two products by Ortho Molecular Products that work to support a balanced gut microbiome, healthy bowel, and immune system function:

Flora Bites: a yummy orange-flavored chewable tablet that provides 5 billion CFUs and 2 healthy bacteria strains. Vitamin C is also added for an extra immune boost.

Flora Boost: a powder supplement that also provides 5 billion CFUs and 8 strains of beneficial bacteria, including Saccharomyces boulardii. One scoop can easily be added to your child’s beverage of choice for a simple and convenient way to introduce daily supplements to their routine.

Now you know the top health benefits of probiotics! Do you want to stay informed on the latest updates from our Clarksville pharmacy? Keep up with our wellness tips and information for more supplement recommendations, services, and more!