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How to Set SMART Goals for Better Health

smart health goals
December 19, 2023

With a new year quickly approaching, you may be thinking about setting New Year’s resolutions or telling yourself that this will be the year you do, achieve, or complete x-y-z. There’s a better way to set health goals, and we want to help you live your life to the fullest! You may have heard of SMART goals before, but if not, here’s everything you need to know about how to set SMART goals for better health:

What does SMART stand for?

SMART goals

SMART is a handy acronym that can help you make goals without setting yourself up for failure. Here’s what it stands for and a few synonyms to go alongside for further definition:
Specific (simple, strategic)
Measurable (motivating, manageable)
Attainable (achievable, accessible)
Realistic (relevant, rational)
Time-bound (trackable, tailored)
So ask yourself the following questions, and don’t be afraid to brainstorm and write down your answers so you can create the best short and long-term health goals:

Is your goal specific?
Is your goal measurable?
Is your goal attainable?
Is your goal realistic?
Is your goal time-bound?

Tips for How to Set SMART Goals

goals for the new year

Following the outline of the SMART acronym, you’re well on your way to understanding how to set SMART goals for better health! We have a few more tips to share that can help you decide on a few goals to work toward:

  • Don’t set a goal you don’t have power over– trying to set a goal dependent on some other person or situation is counterproductive!
  • Ask yourself why– your “why” sets the tone for not just defining the goal but also putting a plan in place to achieve it.
  • Give your goal a positive tone– speaking of setting the tone, work on setting goals with a positive outcome rather than giving your brain a negative connotation.
  • Review and reevaluate your goals– checking in with yourself allows you the time and space to adapt and ensure success rather than admitting defeat.
  • Celebrate every win– little steps toward achieving your goal are worth celebrating and will motivate you to keep going!
  • Share your goals and progress with others– having support when things get hard is crucial for encouraging you to stay committed.

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