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5 Things to Know About Our Long Term Care Pharmacy

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July 27, 2023

From refilling prescriptions to buying medical equipment and getting immunizations, our Clarksville pharmacy is a local resource for all things health and wellness. We pride ourselves on being a modern pharmacy with old-school values and will always put our customers’ needs first. Keep reading to find out more about our long term care pharmacy:

1. We provide pharmacy services to care facilities.

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Being a long term care pharmacy (LTCP) means that we provide medications and consultation services to facilities such as a nursing home. Not only will they have access to a pharmacist, but we also offer emergency medication delivery should the need arise. We help families at home with medication therapies and relieve the staff burden at facilities so that patients can receive the best care possible.

2. Our services go above and beyond the standard.

Besides being a long term care pharmacy, we’re also a compounding pharmacy, meaning that our staff can create customized medication specifically for your needs, including dye-free, preservative-free, alcohol-free, and sugar-free forms of medicines. Another service we offer is multi-dose pill packaging. This helps individuals keep track of their daily medications with simple packets of the correct daily dosages. Say goodbye to pill organizers and an overflowing medicine cabinet– you’ll wish you had made the switch sooner! You can also sign up for our medication synchronization program, which lets you pick up all of your monthly prescription refills on the same day each month. If that isn’t good enough, have your prescriptions and OTC medications delivered! That’s right– home delivery is an option to take advantage of. These are just a few of the services at our Clarksville, TN pharmacy that makes our customers’ lives a little bit easier. For more information, feel free to reach out or stop in, and we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have!

3. We offer travel vaccines and immunizations.

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Planning an overseas vacation? Then cross travel vaccines off your to-do list at our local pharmacy! Our professionals will help you determine which vaccines you need before traveling. Keep in mind that it’s best to schedule your vaccines at least 4 to 6 weeks in advance. Additionally, you can come to us for your yearly immunizations! Whether you need a flu shot or the kids need their vaccines before going to school, we can help.

4. Our pharmacy has more than just wellness products.

We’re proud to be Clarksville’s one-stop shop for health and wellness products, but you might not know that we have a large selection of gifts and home decor. Our “boutique” has inspirational items, delicious-smelling candles, and unique gifts for kids and adults. You have to stop by and browse the aisles for yourself! 

5. We have a mobile app.

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Refilling prescriptions and staying up to date on your list of prescriptions is easy with our mobile app! This feature is an absolute lifesaver for those with busy schedules or anyone looking to add more convenience to their lives. On the app, you can refill a prescription in just a few taps, manage your list of medications, and set reminders to refill or when it’s time to take your meds. And the best part is, downloading our app is completely free!

Now that you know a few things about our long term care pharmacy, you can rely on us for your pharmaceutical needs! Contact us anytime, and we will help you however we can.