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7 Ways Our Clarksville Pharmacy Can Help You

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October 26, 2023

We know that you deserve clear options, convenience, and high-quality service when it comes to your health. At Sango Pharmacy, we take great pride in being our community’s resource and one-stop shop for all things health and wellness. Here are a few ways our Clarksville pharmacy can help you:

1. Multi-Dose Packaging

There are many benefits of multi-dose pill packaging, such as decreasing waste, improving safety, and ensuring organization. We understand how frustrating it can be to keep track of all your medications and the annoying pill organizers. That’s where multi-dose packaging comes in! Each daily packet is labeled with the date and time, so you’ll never miss a dose.

2. Home Delivery

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In addition to our convenient drive-thru and fast pickup inside the pharmacy, we also offer free home delivery to Clarksville and the surrounding area. You can have both prescriptions and over-the-counter products delivered to your door at no additional cost.

3. Med Sync Program

Another way we make our customer’s lives a bit easier is with our medication synchronization program. If you have multiple prescriptions and are tired of making multiple trips to the pharmacy throughout the month, ask us to sync your prescription fills so that you only have to pick them up once!

4. Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

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BHRT is a treatment option for both men and women suffering from the side effects of a hormonal imbalance. At our compounding Clarksville pharmacy, we can create custom doses of hormone therapy for women experiencing the frustrating symptoms of menopause, as well as men struggling with low testosterone.

5. Medicare Open Enrollment

Another way our Clarksville pharmacy helps the community is by assisting with Medicare open enrollment. Medicare plans can be confusing, but we explain and offer support so you can make the best informed decisions concerning your Medicare Part D plan. Contact us, and one of our staff will be happy to sit down with you and discuss your options.

6. Long-Term Care Services

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As a long term care pharmacy, we work with care facilities so that patients have access to their medications quickly and also emergency medicine delivery when necessary. We also help families at home to ensure medication adherence and look for compounding solutions so that taking medications is as simple as possible.

7. Weight Loss Program

Are you looking for a weight loss program in Clarksville TN? You can receive weight loss support, judgment-free guidance, and accountability at Sango Pharmacy. Our goal is to help you take control of your health through personalized meal plans, fitness support, nutrition counseling, and milestone and tracking motivation for long-lasting results. Have questions about popular weight loss medications such as semaglutide? Ask us if that could be an additional treatment option that will be beneficial for you!

These are a few of the ways our team works to make your life a little easier and, hopefully, healthier. Take a look at additional services offered at our Clarksville pharmacy, and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions!